All American Pressure Cooker/Canner

All American Pressure Canners

All American pressure cookers or All American pressure canners are the best of the best. Made in Wisconsin, US the best pressure canner/cooker in the world is made to last a lifetime. Before you buy ensure that you pick the right size, if you feel that you may well be doing a considerable amount of canning/cooking then pick the size that you know is going to be right for you.


There are a number of different sizes available, click each one for details.

All American 10 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 15 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 21 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 25 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 30 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 41 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker Canner
10 Quart                     15 Quart                21 Quart               25 Quart                 30 Quart              41 Quart

What Size All American Pressure Canner/Cooker To Buy

We always recommend that you go for as large a size as possible. Unless you are going to be canning in huge amounts then for most the largest size is not needed. By far the most popular option is the mid-range 21 Quart. Large enough for canning relatively big amounts and perfect for everyday pressure cooking, the price is affordable and it is not such a weight as the larger models.

Why All American

We know that we are getting homemade genuine US quality. The All American pressure Canner are a name that guarantees quality and guarantees supporting products manufactured in the US. But let’s take a look at the special features that make these canners/cookers the best in the US, beating even Presto stainless steel pressure cookers:


  • Instruction manual included
  • Automatic pressure gauge
  • No gaskets or seals that can wear out
  • Heavy duty hand cast aluminum

More On The Seals

The lid clamps down using sturdy screws. Unlike other pressure canners or cookers there are no rubber gaskets or anything that is going to wear and need to be replaced.  We get a complete steam tight seal without having to worry about worn out parts. The sturdy screw clamps give a perfect lid to base seal that keeps all the pressure inside. See the buy All American Pressure Canners history article for an in-depth explanation and more history if you are interested.

The Pressure Gauge

At the heart of canning and pressure cooking is the pressure gauge. Traditional, simple, and different to more technological based cookers, especially the Japanese pressure rice cooker range. All American are built to last forever and are built simply and with minimal heavy duty parts.

With a three setting pressure regulator the pressure gauge is easy and clear to read. Settings go up in increments from 5 pounds per square inch (psi). If excess pressure builds up then the automatic release will begin to lessen the pressure down to the correct setting that has been chosen.

Built Like A Tank

This is how one happy customer described an All American Pressure Canner:

Built like a tank

Industrial in strength and design your pressure cooker is going to last for a lifetime and beyond. Buy the best and never replace it. All of your canning and pressure cooking needs will be fulfilled with the All American pressure canner /cooker.