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All American Pressure Canners

All American pressure cookers or All American pressure canners are the best of the best. Made in Wisconsin, US the best pressure canner/cooker in the world is made to last a lifetime. Before you buy ensure that you pick the right size, if you feel that you may well be doing a considerable amount of canning/cooking then pick the size that you know is going to be right for you.


There are a number of different sizes available, click each one for details.

All American 10 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 15 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 21 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 25 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 30 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerAll American 41 1 2 Quart Pressure Cooker Canner
10 Quart                     15 Quart                21 Quart               25 Quart                 30 Quart              41 Quart

What Size All American Pressure Canner/Cooker To Buy

We always recommend that you go for as large a size as possible. Unless you are going to be canning in huge amounts then for most the largest size is not needed. By far the most popular option is the mid-range 21 Quart. Large enough for canning relatively big amounts and perfect for everyday pressure cooking, the price is affordable and it is not such a weight as the larger models.

Why All American

We know that we are getting homemade genuine US quality. The All American pressure Canner are a name that guarantees quality and guarantees supporting products manufactured in the US. But let’s take a look at the special features that make these canners/cookers the best in the US, beating even Presto stainless steel pressure cookers:


  • Instruction manual included
  • Automatic pressure gauge
  • No gaskets or seals that can wear out
  • Heavy duty hand cast aluminum

More On The Seals

The lid clamps down using sturdy screws. Unlike other pressure canners or cookers there are no rubber gaskets or anything that is going to wear and need to be replaced.  We get a complete steam tight seal without having to worry about worn out parts. The sturdy screw clamps give a perfect lid to base seal that keeps all the pressure inside. See the buy All American Pressure Canners history article for an in-depth explanation and more history if you are interested.

The Pressure Gauge

At the heart of canning and pressure cooking is the pressure gauge. Traditional, simple, and different to more technological based cookers, especially the Japanese pressure rice cooker range. All American are built to last forever and are built simply and with minimal heavy duty parts.

With a three setting pressure regulator the pressure gauge is easy and clear to read. Settings go up in increments from 5 pounds per square inch (psi). If excess pressure builds up then the automatic release will begin to lessen the pressure down to the correct setting that has been chosen.

Built Like A Tank

This is how one happy customer described an All American Pressure Canner:

Built like a tank

Industrial in strength and design your pressure cooker is going to last for a lifetime and beyond. Buy the best and never replace it. All of your canning and pressure cooking needs will be fulfilled with the All American pressure canner /cooker.

Buy All American Pressure Canners/Cookers


This article is a large piece of content dealing with history and just why the All American pressure canner is the best in the world. Please see the All American pressure canner/cooker guide for your buying options and special online deals.

All American Pressure Canner/Cooker History

All American  Pressure Cooker CannerAll American Pressure Cookers/Canners have always been the leading and most well respected brand of cookware ever since it was created in the year 1930. Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (founded in the year 1909 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) has been responsible for creating these top of the line, world-class kitchen appliances and ever since the company was founded their creations have been common household names not just in the US but with the rest of the world as well. Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry has always been heavily depended upon and has unfailingly supplied the world with refined, high quality copper and aluminum based alloy castings for a wide variety industries.

Pressure Cooker Beginnings

The simple and humble common household pressure cooker had its beginnings in a very unlikely place. It was suggested that the creation of such magnificent and highly useful kitchen appliances had their start in high altitude areas (mountains) with mountain climbers. They discovered that it is very difficult to properly cook food in high altitude regions. If you boil meats and vegetables, it would take surprisingly way longer than expected. Potatoes, for example, could be dropped in a boiling pot of water and left there for hours and when you take them out, they are just as hard as they were before cooking it.

Progress In Science

Due to the increasing advances and development of the knowledge of boiling points, scientists found out that the big issue with the whole ordeal was with the atmospheric pressure. In high altitudes, the pressure tends to be lower than normal which means that it takes lower than the normal temperature required for the water to boil. As a result, the water would boil already even though the temperature has not reached a normal boiling temperature of 100ºC (212ºF). This translates to cooking at temperatures not high enough for the food to get fully cooked. Cooking times in highly elevated areas will reach dramatically extended amounts of time.

Just like with all cooking and diets technological advances allow us to improve our eating habits greatly. Juicer reviews offers some great gadgets if you want to improve your health with a juicer, and this is another great addition to the kitchen to improve your eating habits.

The Beginnings Of The Pressure Cooker

The opposite of this, however, is valid as well. As the pressure increases, the temperature increases too. As the boiling point raises, more bacteria can be eradicated and cooking times become much shorter. That is what a pressure cooker does basically.

Pressure cookers are just your average cooking pot that can be fully sealed off. The moment water inside the pressure cooker begins to boil, it creates a steam but since the pot is fully sealed the steam can’t escape. As more steam is trapped, it starts to accumulate, pressure inside increases, and as a consquence, cooking temperatures are raised while cooking times become much shorter.

Food inside a pressure cooker/canner gets cooked 70% faster and some meals can be finished in a matter of minutes. Pressure that goes beyond the required pressure limits is released through the utilization of safety release valves, so the modern pressure cooker and canner is way more safe to use compared to previous pressure cookers where you could see food flying all over the kitchen!

All American Pressure Canner Usage

Aside from the reduced and hotter cooking period, these amazing devices have a number of very useful benefits for the modern day homemaker. Fewer vitamins and minerals are wasted during the cooking period which translates to increased nutritional values. Reduced cooking period means less energy is utilized and more savings. Kitchens that utilize modern day pressure cookers and canners are now cooler because less steam is drawn out towards the room. In general, pressure cookers are a wonderful option for any family or commercial establishment looking for convenience, practicality and energy savings.

Why Buy All American

The makers of the All American Pressure cooker are dedicated to providing consumers with the best kitchen appliance. You just can’t have a kitchen without the all mighty pressure cooker. To meet the demands of these modern times, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry has created different models of pressure cookers plus a number of very useful accessories that will suit the needs of every consumer. Not only are they creating pressure cookers, they offer sterilizers as well. Aside from this, however, pressure cookers are not just for making fast and easy meals but they can be utilized as well for canning different types of low acid foods.

Preserving With The All American Canner

Since the creation of the All American Pressure Cooker in the year 1930, it has become much easier to preserve a variety of foods including fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. USDA advises consumers that there is no safer, more effective and healthier way to preserve foods other than pressure canning; and All American Pressure Cookers do a great a job of doing this. The pressure cooker can be utilized to cook all kinds of food such as meat, fish, rice, vegetables but if you want to make use of it for your canning needs, it is highly recommended to use the pressure canner.

All American Pressure Cookers and Canners are available in a whole range of capacities. The cookers are big enough for making enormous amounts of food and perfectly cook even inexpensive meat cuts into tender and juicy goodness in the shortest amount of time. Made from the highest quality materials, this pressure cooker is sure to last a lifetime and can be used as much as you like. You could even pass your pressure cooker on to your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. How cool is that?

The Seal

Aside from the above mentioned, however, there are also other features worthy and even crucial to mention since some of the features of All American Pressure Cookers can’t be found in any other brand of pressure cooker. One of the amazing features is the so-called “metal to metal” sealing system. This aspect of the pressure cooker will ascertain that the gaskets of the jars for canning that you put in will neither crack nor burn. The system makes use of clamps and screw that will allow the metal cover to be in parallel with the steel container, creating a tight bond between the two. The lid can be effortlessly opened and closed as well. This ingenious type of sealing system is perhaps one of the biggest features of the brand because the technology can’t be found in any other brand.

The pot cover holds tight completely to the mouth of the pressure cooker. However, in the event that the pressure inside reaches more than what is required, it automatically releases this extra pressure. This mechanism really makes All American Pressure Canners extremely safe to use. Another great feature of the pressure cooker is the fine hand-cast aluminum that makes the pressure cooker very durable for everyday use because it can withstand high temperatures. The stay cool Bakelite top handle, as the name suggests, keeps it cool during the entire process and this makes it much safer to use. This feature of the pressure cooker adds to the safety by immensely preventing the occurrence of burns and other types of accidents.

Are All American Pressure Canners Safe

You should be aware that All American Pressure Cookers are the safest pressure cooker brand on the market. The six locking screws that hold the lid down creates a very tight seal and greatly contributes to the safety of the kitchen appliance. The pressure created inside the pot will not blow the lid off. As a matter of fact, there are three built-in extra hooks that will ensure this will never happen. The steam valve located on top of the lid can be controlled with the use of a knob. This area is where you should be very careful though as it will get very hot and necessitates the use of an item to hold it down in the event that it gets too hot.

Great Finish

The satin finish of All American Pressure Cooker is an added bonus. It makes the pot look smooth and even appealing to be displayed in the kitchen. Aside from the great aesthetic appeal of the pot, this satin finish makes it very easy to clean as well.

Modern pressure cookers have never failed to raise their quality and safety standards, and All American Pressure Cookers put safety precautions first but simple precautions should still be taken. Even when they are empty, the larger ones especially can still be very heavy. It is not easy to hold a 20-lb pressure cooker and you will have to consider the fact that it will get heavier once the food is inside it.

All of the models for All American Pressure Cookers do come with topnotch safety features that homemakers and chefs decades ago wished they had as the pressure cookers lids would often fly off in to the air while in the middle of cooking and leave a big mess around the entire kitchen. No need to worry, however, about replacing worn out or burned gaskets since the metal to metal seal prevents that from happening. The cast aluminum body will allow faster and even cooking

All American Canner Guidelines

In order to reach the full potential of All American Pressure Cookers while keeping the entire cooking process safe, there are guidelines that need to be followed. First of all, it is very important to wear mitts. You may make use of lukewarm water if you wish to immediately dissipate the pressure inside the cooker in situations when you are cooking with ingredients that need to be cooled down immediately, but never use cold water on the pressure cooker espeically when it is hot. As much as possible, allow the pressure cooker to drop the temperature over time before even thinking of opening the pot. The lid should be carefully opened and it has to face away from you, just to be on the safe side. Pressure cookers may be a little tricky and hard to manage at first but with time and experience, you will eventually figure out how the whole thing works and how to handle it the proper way.

To start off with the right approach, ascertain that the metal insert or rack is placed below the pressure cooker to raise the contents above the liquid to steam it; although not every single recipe requires that you do this step. The pressure cooker must be filled with a certain minimum amount of water depending on the model that you utilize. Most pressure cookers, however, require half a cup of liquid at the very least (usually water will do) for every 20 minutes of cooking time. The pressure cooker must not be filled more than 2/3 as the empty space is used and necessary to produce the steam and the pressure that comes with it. In the event that you make use of ingredients that have the possibility of creating a foam or froth inside, for instance beans, the cooker must not be filled beyond ½ full.

Cooking With The Us

After taking all that into consideration, you may now fill the pot with the food that you wish to cook and then carefully place the lid. Your All American Pressure Cooker must be placed in the right burner size and place the heat on high to start creating the steam needed to start the cooking process. The pressure regulator settings comes in at 5 psi, 10 psi and 15 psi. You have to observe where the mark on the valve will hit so that you will know if the appropriate pressure has been reached for the recipe that you use. If the mark goes beyond the correct pressure, you can simply adjust the pressure by lowering the heat of the burner to maintain it. By this time, you may start setting the time needed for your recipe to be fully cooked but you have to stay nearby since cooking times are just short and you still need to modify the heat coming from the burner to keep the right amount of pressure.

When the cooking time is up, you may now remove the pressure cooker away from the burner. As mentioned earlier, it is essential that you remove the lid of the pot only when the pressure inside the cooker is expelled. There are three different approaches to this. The natural way of releasing the pressure (leaving the pot alone) is used especially for foods that need much lengthier cooking periods (like roasts). This method is done so that the pressure inside the pot will still allow the cooking process to continue even after removing the pot from the burner. This process takes around 10 to 20 minutes to finish. The water release method is perhaps the quickest option to expell the pressure out. Tap water is allowed to run on top of the lid and this will contribute to a faster drop in pressure. A third option, the quick release method makes use of the valve on the cover to manually expell the pressure inside.

All American Pressure Canner Price

All American Pressure Cookers tend to be higher priced compared to other brands available in the market right now. However, a lot of consumers report that they are more than satisfied with the All American Pressure Cooker they bought. You really have to pay for the quality and even the safety standards of the brand.

Some pressure cookers may be bought for a much cheaper price but be careful with these brands as they may not be well-known, could possibly be substandard and could even seriously hurt anyone who uses it. Although it is pretty much unusual nowadays to see flying metal lids and food sticking on the walls and ceiling, this is still possible with substandard brands. All American Pressure Cookers will assure you that every single penny that you payed for is worth it. Not to mention, the pressure cooker can be used as a canner as well and that makes it even more usable. It is as if you purchased two different pots instead of paying for one. You actually even save if you purchase All American Pressure Cooker.

Picking A Size

If you want to purchase All American Pressure Cooker, you have to make a decision as to what type of model that you think will fit you the best. There are smaller sized pressure cookers designed for household use and there are those big pots as well that are more for commercial use. If you frequently spend time with family and friends and lavish dinner parties or any other parties for that matter, then you may want to purchase the bigger sized pots. Don’t worry about the extra features because what you reallly need to focus on is the size and amount of food that you think you will be regularly serving.

All American Pressure Cookers deliver in the best possible way. This kitchen appliance is definitely a must-have for any household or commercial establishment. Durability, quality, safety and practicality—these are just some of the few words that truly describe this marvelous piece of ingenious equipment. All American Pressure Cookers/Canners continuously develop the technology behind their products in order to match the needs of every single household of the modern day.

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